Privacy Policy


Information stored on your device.
Cookies are small text files containing letters and numbers that are created and stored on your computer, tablet,
mobile phone, or other device using the Internet. We can associate this information with your account. Most browsers
have a cookie ban option, but if you have disabled them, some of the Bulmag AD services
will not work. Some third-party services we use, such as Google Analytics, can create their own cookies. This policy
applies only to our use of cookies and not to the use of cookies from third parties. You can at any time delete the
cookies stored on your device. Check how this is done in your browser’s user guide.

The information we collect

User information. When you receive an email regarding VMware Campaign by Bulmag , and you decide to
contact us we ask you for your e-mail address, names, mobile phone number, city and country. These data are
necessary to be able to recognize you successfully when you want to get back to you with further information.

Information about your use of Bulmag AD We receive certain information when using the Bulmag AD
portal . It includes data about your device, software, and operating system when you access our service, your
Internet Protocol address and the date and time of each request to the current campaign .

Information provided when interacting with us. You can provide personal data in a phone call, e-mail, respond
to a poll, or interact with us through other services such as Facebook.

Information from other sources. We may collect additional information about you from third parties to find out
how to better serve you.

How we use information for you

Improving services. We use your information to in order to deliver
better service and understand how you use it, customize your expectations, prevent abuse, provide support, sell
and market our products. We use your information only internally and if necessary to meet these goals.

How do we reveal the information to you?

We share the information about you that identifies you only in the limited circumstances outlined below. Bulmag
does not sell information about you, nor does it share with advertisers.

With your consent. We may only share your information with your explicit consent.

By Law.We may disclose the information to you if we believe that it is required to comply with the law. If we
will disclose information about you, it is our policy to notify you in advance, unless a law or court order
prohibits us from doing so. We may disclose the information to you and without giving you prior notice if we believe
this is necessary to prevent the commission of a crime. Nothing in this Statement is intended to limit any legal
objections or protections you may have against requests to make disclosure of information to you, including requests
from the State.

Sale or merger. If in the future part or all of the company is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to
another company, your information may be transferred as part of that transaction. If this happens, Bulmag AD will
take steps to ensure that your information is treated in accordance with this Statement.

Data protection

Bulmag AD designed number of layers of protection for its services.

SSL /TLS We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) to create a security tunnel to
protect the data when they are transferred between the browser you are using and the servers of Bulmag AD .

SSL certificate. We use the SSL certificate registered with Bulmag AD. As you see a green padlock at the top
left corner of the browser, you can be sure that you are in Bulmag AD , not on a page that represents us.

Physical security. The portal Bulmag AD is physically located on servers owned by Bulmag AD, located
in a datacenter owned by Bulmag AD.

Encrypt passwords. We do not store the actual password for your account, but apply the hash and salt action to
it to help protect your password from possible threats.

Restricted access to information. We limit the number of employees who have access to user data through
internal control and established access policies.

We are always very cautious against vulnerabilities in our sites amd/or hosted services. If you find a
vulnerability in our service, we would be grateful to let us know and encourage you to do so immediately. If you
allow us to respond to you in reasonable time before disclosing any information, and if you make efforts to avoid a
breach of security, damage to data and interruption or degradation of our service in your investigation, we will
not: to initiate any legal action against you or to require law enforcement to be investigated and to investigate
your actions.
To report a vulnerability, please contact us.

Provide the data you have stored

You can always require us to send you all of your data stored with us. This can be by contacting our GDPR
Department at

Delete all data we keep for you

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may revise the Privacy Policy anytime without prior notice.


We will be happy to contact you. Bulmag AD welcomes issues, concerns and feedback on this policy. If you
have any recommendations we ask you to share.

As data subjects who have the right to complain to the supervisor:
Commission for Personal Data
Protection, Sofia, 1592, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd. E-mail: