Bulmag AD was founded in January 1991 as a Bulgarian-Hungarian Ltd (where from the company’s name: BULgarian MAGyar). In 2003 the company was reorganized into a joint stock company (in Bulgarian – AD).

The company business is a response to the strong demand here for higher quality and more reliable IT products.
Bulmag AD became one of IBM® Business Partners in the country in 1992 at the level of Solution Provider.

Main Activities

Bulmag AD is providing to clients IT System integration elements in various combinations: Hardware & Software Delivery; Professional Services, Consultations Rendering; Training; Warranty, Extended and Post-Warranty Servicing and Maintenance; Specific Solutions Development, Design and Implementation.

Our principles

We do our best to deepen the partnership with leading IT vendors. Thus we like to maintain a thoroughly knowledge of the most advanced IT and keep a sound position on the market.

We aim at assisting to the success of our clients by selling to them high-tech integrated system solutions. To do this we make on demand analysis, design, integration, optimization, support & maintenance and further IT system enhancement and development during the whole its life cycle. Our objective is to help clients gain high profitability, better quality of products offered and sold and services rendered as well as successful return on their investment.

History points

1991 – Bulmag Ltd (in Bulgarian – OOD) Foundation
1992 – IBM® Business Partner
1996 – Certified IBM® Service
1999 – IBM® Top Performer for Bulgaria
2002 – ISO 9001:2000 Certification
2003 – Bulmag AD – Shareholding Company
2006 – IBM® Premier Business Partner
2007 – Lenovo Premier Business Partner
2015 – HP Business Partner


Main activities

    System integration, including:

  • Design of information systems;
  • Delivery of hardware and software products;
  • Professional and consultancy services;
  • Training;
  • Maintenance and support;
  • Development and implementation of customer-specific solutions;
  • Implementation of high availability and disaster recovery systems.

Audited Reports & Financials

Audited annual reports & Financials are disclosed by Bulmag AD in full each year in the Company Register to the Ministry of Justice.