Leaves Module manages all types of employees’ leaves – paid and unpaid leaves, maternity and sick leaves, hour leaves. Leaves are fully parameterized and could be easily managed following legislation amendments as well as specific Company internal rules.


Major functionalities:

  • Administering the leaves split into specific types: paid, unpaid and sick leaves
  • Administering the leaves requests in the electronic Leaves Register and generating Leaves Permission document
  • Leaves termination – the procedure automatically returns unused leaves days to the remaining amount of leaves split into types and years of occurrence.
  • Group processing of leaves installation as per the Company’s requirements
  • Automated export of sick leaves documents and applications to the National Social Security Institute



  • Encompasses the entire cycle of employees’ sick leaves administration
  • Creates automated electronic register of documents supplied to the Company for calculation and payment of social security benefits
  • Automates the communication process with the governmental institutions, related to supply of data on the employees’ temporary disability
  • Encompasses the entire cycle of the leaves administration process – from filing the leaves request, following the approval steps until the Leaves permission document is generated
  • The Self Service functionalities provide for involvement of all organization members management and operative officers included
  • Informing via e-mail the persons in charge that their approval is required for the authorization of Leaves requests
  • Maintains full history of employees’ Leaves requests and up-to-date remaining number of leaves split into types and annual periods
  • Automates routine activities for preparation and administration of employees’ leaves documents
  • Enhances the control on employees’ presences and absences