Personnel Module is the main module realizing the business processes of administering the employees. It covers a wide array of functions, thus, regulating and managing the relations between the organization and the employees from the date of appointment till the date of quitting the job.


Major functionalities:

  • Administering various personal and business data of the employees  and the persons registered in the system
  • Administration of the appointments – maintenance of various types of appointments and documents related to the employees
  • Storing detailed history of previous appointments of employees providing for efficient tracing of the staff professional development
  • Availability of all types of work experience records providing opportunities to track historic changes
  • Self Service. Employees are able to update personal information, thus, saving time for the HR team
  • Automated communication with the government institutions /National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute/ related to HR issues.



  • Enhancing routine activities while preparing and administering documents
  • Maintaining several types of contracts per person
  • Opportunity to attach external files – job descriptions
  • Self Service. Employees are able to access personal business information, leaves forms, business trips forms and reports. Opportunities to amend and update personal data.