Compensations Module manages the structure of each employee’s individual compensation. It encompasses a wide array of functions constructing the Compensations Management Module used by the organization.


Major functionalities:

  • Setting-up of unified business processes which functionally connect with Structures, Personnel, Leaves and Payments modules .Providing for visibility of all imported data reflecting on the employees’ compensations for a specific period.
  • Automated data import inclusive of past periods
  • Calculation of compensations pursuant to main and supplementary job contracts depending on the type of social security applied
  • Calculation of benefits and remuneration. Automated reporting of minimum social security levels pursuant to National Revenue Agency requirements. Group and individual uploading of values.



  • Flexible Compensations Management Module
  • Automates routine activities related to the administration of the Compensations Module
  • Maintains full history of legislative amendments
  • Maintained full data history enhances HR team while checking or reflecting amendments for past or future period