Remuneration Module is aiming to enhance uploading and processing the remunerations on freelance job relations within the organization.


Major functionalities:

  • Maintaining a Register of contracted freelancers
  • Opportunity to pay remunerations on freelance agreements: on a monthly basis or subject to specific days of freelancers’ involvement:

– For self-employed

– For persons with disability, retired persons

– Interns as per art. 181 as of the Healthcare Act

– For persons with social security installments based on the maximum social security income for the period

– For persons whose freelance income level is under the minimum wage after all deductions

  • Preparation of agreements , pay slips, formal notices
  • Adding Annexes to the Agreements with opportunities to change the amount, term and cost centre



  • Automatically generating documents for social security and income taxes payments
  • Generating of files to communicate with the National Revenue Agency – Declaration 1 and 6; Notice Form  as per art 73 as of the Individual Persons’ Income Tax Act
  • Payments of cash amount and non-cash amounts
  • Generating of accounting accounts for freelance pay slips
  • Forming the annual notice forms for Income tax deducted