Shifts and Schedules Module provides rich functionality for effective planning, distributing and reporting the time and expenses within the organization.


Major functionalities:

  • Administering the shifts reflecting the specifics of the Company’s work flows
  • Full integration with  the modules of Compensations Module to determine employees’ compensations pursuant to the job and working hours involved
  • Automated reporting and calculation of regular and extra working hours, night shifts and other legislative requirements as well as compensations and benefits
  • Automated synchronization of data uploaded in Personnel and Leaves modules with Shifts and Schedules Module
  • The system automatically supervises the individual monthly quota for each employee and dynamically calculated planned  and actually spent working hours accounting for the leaves data uploaded
  • Provides information for the individual work schedule of each employee for a specific period of time.



  • Encompasses the entire cycle of planning, reporting and control over the Company’s time and resources
  • The Self Service functionalities provides for involvement of all organization members management and operative officers included
  • Automates the routine activities of supervisors and HR team related to preparation and administration of employees’ schedules
  • Module data are exported in user friendly formats compliant with legislative requirements