Whether you run a small business or manage a large corporation with a complicated corporate structure, Bulmag AD can offer you to apply SOFIS-HR – a system managing human resources and payroll which fully automates the business processes of appointment, transfer, dismissal and development of personnel.

You are offered a time saving and cost effective tool enhancing the precise calculation of payments – compensations, accruals and deductions, social security contributions and taxes.

The SOFIS-HR system functionalities are in full compliance with the legislative requirements and can be additionally adapted, upgraded and integrated with the existing systems.

SOFIS-HR provides better output with less administration via:

  • On-line management of leaves and business trips, electronic form requests, automatic notification to the team leader, electronic approval, automatic update in the employees’ personal calendar and the pay slip
  • Modern paperless technology of managing human capital, significant optimization of costs, speeding up and optimizing the processes and activities of the HR Team
  • Employees’ Self-Service functions access to their personal business information, leaves and business trips information, pay slips. Opportunities for amendments of personal data to keep them updated
  • Multiple integrated self-service procedures for mangers providing time to focus on the Company’s business resolutions and strategic targets
  • Automatic calculation, corrections and recalculations of compensations benefits and taxes for past periods providing for processing of sick leaves, paid leaves and other types of leaves with no limitation on the number of months to be recalculated.
  • Automatic generation of all types of reference and notification forms and reports to be communicated to the National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute, etc.
  • Guaranteed highest level of data security and precise definition of users’ access rights.


SOFIS-HR is the best decision for you. It:

  • Offers excellent opportunities to adapt to complex management models of various types of organizations, in all business spheres and government administration
  • Automates Company’s specific processes and procedures to manage human capital
  • Provides the integrated analytical reference forms and reports to enhance taking effective decisions on all management levels.



  1. Organizational Structure Module
  2. Personnel Module
  3. Leaves Module
  4. Business Trips Module
  5. Training Module



  1. Compensations Module
  2. Payments Module
  3. Shifts and Schedules Module
  4. Remunerations Module


Bulmag AD offers SOFIS-HR: a flexible system based on module principle adaptable to suit the needs of the clients, developed with up-to-date tools and technologies, enhancing user-friendly accessible web interface.

Bulmag AD guarantees prompt updating to comply with of regulatory amendments, high-level of maintenance and service, trainings, consultations and highly qualified assistance.