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UniPOS Pro
In today’s complex payments landscape, POS network owners and operators are increasingly under pressure to offer choice and variety to their customers. This inevitably means increased operational complexity, with many networks consisting of multiple device types from various vendors, each of vendors using its own software solutions. As a result of this, POS network operators are often forced to manage a complicated, costly and inefficient array of software applications to support these different devices — all of which need to be continuously supported and updated to meet the latest industry standards as both customer needs and regulatory requirements evolve.

UniPOS Pro is a unique Multivendor POS software platform from Transaction Systems which can run on any of the major vendors’ terminals and provides POS network operators with a unified, standardized user interface which can help maximize network performance and minimize operating costs.

UniPOS Pro
UniPOS Pro has been built by our highly experienced team of developers who have worked for many years alongside key POS hardware vendors to create and refine a unified software architecture and platform that can be used across different payment devices in a seamless way – by providing the same user interface, the same messaging protocol and the same connectivity options to a multitude of host systems and to a variety of Electronic Cash Register systems.

POS network operators using UniPOS Pro enjoy unrivaled network efficiency, along with a number of other benefits, including:

  • Flexibility to purchase any hardware without software limitations;
  • Flexibility in terminal estate management;
  • Minimized migration costs and fast deployment to new customers through use of a unified interface;
  • PA DSS certification of payment application ensuring compliance to innovative worldwide security standards.


UniPOS Pro Connect

UniPOS Pro Connect is a PC-based software application which facilitates the interface between POS software and various types of ECR software — allowing POS network operators to easily connect any type of POS terminal to any of the major types of ECR systems in the market.

High level of security and failure resistance confirmed by experience and international standards:

  • UniPOS Pro Connect provides traffic encryption using standard SSL during connection to the payment processor (including RS232 and USB);
  • Reliable protection against failures including automatic voiding of transactions.

Integration with ECR software on variable OS: Linux, Windows, Windows CE, DOS;
More than 100 connections with ECR vendors.


UNIPOS Pro Monitoring

UniPOS Pro
UNIPOS Pro Monitoring is designed to monitor technical conditions of POS terminal network and collect statistics on transactions for generating analytical reports.
UNIPOS Monitoring System is a server that stores information about transactions and incidents sent by payment devices on a constant basis.
Security-wise it is important that statistics do not contain confidential information. In particular, UNIPOS Pro Monitoring system only records data on the types of cards used, amounts and currencies of transactions, as well as on the outcome of completed transactions. However, any communication between a POS terminal and the server is encrypted and transmitted via the SSL protocol.

Key benefits:

  • Effective operational management of POS terminal network;
  • Capacity of financial monitoring, including statistics by type of payment systems and types of cards with reference to geographic locations;
  • User-friendly web-based interface;
  • Tailored customization of system for customer.


  • Payment device physical condition check;
  • Checking POS terminal software modules for errors;
  • Collection of financial statistics;
  • Compiling financial reports;
  • Preparing reports on types of cards, financial transactions;
  • Compiling reports on condition of POS terminal network;
  • Compiling reports on the POS terminals software;
  • Displaying POS terminals location on a map.



UniPOS Pro
UNIPOS Pro TMS is web-based terminal network management system.


  • Configuration of payment devices and PIN pads;
  • Remote download of payment application, paramteres and OS components to payment devices;
  • Unified user interface to manage payment devices of multiple vendors in one payment network;
  • Major data base management systems supported (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL),
  • Data download into payment devices using TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet, or wireless connections GPRS and Wi-Fi.

UniPOS Pro TMS key benefits:

  • Web interface for managing profiles and databases;
  • TMS server can be installed on any platform – Windows, Linux, iOS;
  • Advanced complex filters for data sampling;
  • Tree-type structure for database access privileges;
  • Smart planning of parameters and software updates download process.

UniPOS Pro
UniPOS Pro TMS will bring to your terminal management network:

  • SIMPLICITY: Thin-client for the manager – just install a web browser; access to databases from any location with Internet connection;
  • CONVENIENCE: Update of TMS server versions on-the-go without interrupting work with parameters;
  • SPEED: Work with relational databases: fast search and selection based on parameters, support of large terminal networks (Core i7 ~ 300,000 terminals, simultaneous download of parameters and software for 3,000 devices);
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Ability to use complex search throughout databases, apply change of parameter to a group of terminals, set access privileges, etc.

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