Retail SurePOS 700

Bulmag AD is an IBM®, Toshiba and other vendors Retail Solutions seller, consultant, general & fiscal services provider. Bulmag AD is a registered fiscal servicing company in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation on VAT sales fiscal registering and reporting. Bulmag AD is a wide experienced consultant on development, certification by the authorities and running of Fiscal Cash Terminal Networks for big chains of stores like Praktiker and Metro Cash & Carry. Bulmag AD is assisting new-comers to the local market like most recently BauMax chain of stores from Austria.

IBM® 4690 Operating System

IBM® 4690 Operating System

  • Delivers outstanding versatility, functionality, manageability and reliability;
  • Includes powerful new security features, including complex passwords, to help protect store data and maintain robust network security;
  • Offers broad-based hardware and software support, so retailers can add new capabilities while protecting IT investments.

IBM® 4680-4690 Supermarket Application

The IBM® 4680-4690 Supermarket Application enables supermarket and hypermarket retailers around the world to use a single, powerful software solution to increase efficiency at the point of sale, improve decision-making across the enterprise, and help operators in every store deliver outstanding customer service.

IBM® 4680 4690 Supermarket Application

  • Available worldwide, in multiple languages;
  • Provides strong investment protection;
  • Offers hundreds of checkout functions;
  • Includes extensive reporting, data capture, accounting and inventory control features;
  • Easily customizable to match store-specific needs;
  • Options include full-screen Java GUI, electronic marketing and electronic journaling.

International and multinational retailers also will appreciate the software’s fast item processing and price lookup capabilities, built-in networking, enhanced security features, convenient store updates, automated store closing functions, and an easy-to-use interface that helps improve accuracy.