Anti Skimming

ATM card skimming is a world-wide & huge problem. Skimming is a technique used by criminals to copy personal data from the magnetic strip on an ATM card.

ATM Anti SkimmingThe criminal installs a skimming device on top of the card slot of the ATM/SST, e.g. card reader cover, false front or pre-head. When a user inserts his card into the card reader, the skimming device will read the card details from the magnetic strip on the card and transmit these to a receiver connected either by wire or wireless.

Skimming fraud is always combined with other fraud techniques (false cameras, shoulder surfing, internet pin theft…). Teamwork internationally well organized with strong network (technically & human). Unpredictably moving from one country to another.

Ase-ng (Anti-skimming eye new generation) is the latest generation in the short history of Anti-Skimming.

Аse-ng is being activated from the time the magnetic card is entered into the reader till it is withdrawn from it, preventing the card data from being copied (skimmed) by emitting an electro-magnetic field around the card reader.

With the presently existing skimming devices it is practically impossible to copy a card used in an ATM/SST secured by ase-ng, such also protecting itself and the client’s card reader against being shut down by external interventions.

Ase-ng is compatible with all brands and models ATM.

Our partner and vendor is BVK company, established in Istanbul/Turkey.