Yes, you’ve read it right!

If you own Think-branded machine in warranty you can contact us to schedule your Think product
diagnostics and maintenance absolutely free of charge.

The campaign’s period is from 20.03.2018 to 31.05.2018.


Frequently asked questions:


Why your Think-branded product needs maintenance?

Our extensive experience shows that every laptop needs maintenance – dust removal and replacement of the thermal compound. The recommended period for such activity is different and depends on the time interval and the environment of operation. The recommended period in which your laptop should go through maintenance is between 6 months and a year.


What are the benefits?

The Diagnostics will report in detail the hardware status and the maintenance will likely boost performance and stability of your machine.


Why do we offer free diagnostics and maintenance?

Bulmag AD as an Authorized Warranty Service Provider for Lenovo Think-branded products is trying to deliver customer satisfaction on the highest level possible. In order to do so we recommend once-ayear maintenance service to take place.


Why the campaign only covers in-warranty Think-branded products?

After a year of uninterruptable work nearly every laptop needs maintenance. In order to achieve continuity of operations within the warranty period we are offering our free diagnostics and maintenance services.


How long would the free diagnostics and maintenance take?

The time needed to complete diagnostics and maintenance is between 10 and 45 mins, of course it depends on the model and the complexity of the configuration.


How to get your free diagnostics and maintenance?

Contact us via phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment.